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So what does this LOOK like?

There are levels to how you can be involved.

1. I'M IN

You're IN, which means you're on our email list that will update you weekly on amazing things people are doing. You can send in a paragraph of what you do which we will send to all our Movement. You may want to share your story. You can send us a paragraph of your story which we will share as well. There may be an opportunity to share your story on our social media for those interested.

You may have an idea for an event throughout the year we can collaborate on. You may have strategies you would like to offer. You may have collaboration ideas. We love this! We are in this to do this TOGETHER and with PEOPLE as the centrepiece.


We are building a movement that is going to take an incredible amount of resources. For example, to go to Nunavut costs $4000 just to fly in! Our conference has expenses as we keep ticket prices low to remove the barrier for anyone to attend. The vision is LARGE and so is the budget.

For anyone who donates $99 we are offering the value back of what we do best: tell your story! We will set up a YouTube interview that will go to the whole movement as well as be posted on all our social media channels. You also get a complimentary ticket to next year's conference. We WANT to share your message as that is our Movement's mandate.

If you want to become more of a financial partner, this is also an option we can discuss that has great benefit to your company or organization.

Another level of being financially IN is to host a conference in your city. We are putting together a conference booklet of how you can host a conference in your city. There is a base cost to this which we can discuss.

Fill out the form below and let's talk about what the Movement looks like for you.

Take an action that will make a difference.

Every National Hope Talk requires a certain amount of community to pull it off. We thank you for your interest and request you fill out the form below so we can be in touch and start the volunteer application process.