Former Miss Wheelchair Canada

Contagious Courage

Choosing courage and overcoming obstacles. At the age of 23, one week after the engagement to her husband, Vahen developed Transverse Myelitis, a virus that left her physically disabled and dependent on the use of a wheelchair. Although Vahen portrayed confidence as she was trying to cope as a person with a disability, her “new normal” was facing feelings of self-doubt and exclusion. Reaching a point of desperation, she realized that she had a choice to make, to be paralyzed by fears and insecurities or push forward.

Our National Hope Talks is about not just hoping things will get better, but looking to HOPE as a plan.

O – learning how to OVERCOME
P – getting the right PEOPLE around us
E – learning to find EXPRESSION

Vahen speaks to the “O” of hope as a plan and finding courage.