Cathy Lumsden, registered psychotherapist, business coach, author, and international speaker has over 30 years of touching thousands of individuals lives. She has her own private practice in psychology and provides life and business coaching at Rhapsody Strategies.

Cathy is the author of two books – “The Best Advice Your Mother Never Gave You”, and one for children, “Debugging Those Bad Thoughts”. Cathy was the host of a successful TV show called, “The Best Advice”, focusing on topics such as domestic violence, mental health, bullying, stress management, and separation/divorce.

Our National Hope Talks is about not just hoping things will get better, but looking to HOPE as a plan.

O – learning how to OVERCOME
P – getting the right PEOPLE around us
E – learning to find EXPRESSION

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Cathy’s Keynotes and Workshops for Schools and Teachers include:

  • Brainsense: A New Language to Prevent and
  • Manage Mental Health
  • Debugging Those Bad Thoughts
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Schools
  • The Young and the Anxious: Managing Anxiety
  • Does Technology Cause Loneliness?