Let’s Talk Hope 2020


Bringing the community together to talk hope and solutions for mental health.

About this Event

On January 29th, 2020 we're bringing together business owners, teachers, mental health workers, nonprofit leaders, and students to talk help and solutions for mental health. Join us, join the conversation.

Order your lunch from Freshii at this link and have it delivered ready at the conference https://order.freshii.com/ca/en-ca/westmount

Keynote speaker: Dr Jody Carrington

Special Guests:

  • Tony McGrath - Theatre Grand
  • Wakefield Brewster - Spoken Word Poet
  • Derek Cook - Ambrose University Poverty Institute
  • Vanisha Breault - Terminator Foundation
  • Elizabeth Bennett - School Principal
  • CMHA - Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Dean Svoboda - Autism and Aspergers Friendship Society
  • Tamara Becker - Project Nightlight
  • Patricia Morgan - Resilience Solutions
  • Jessica LeBlanc - Embodied Adventures
  • Connie Jakab - National Hope Talks

VIP Experience workshops by:
Tanya Koshowski - People Centred Leadership and Brown Baggin' It for Calgary's Kids


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