About Us

What is the Hope Movement?

It's a seat at the table for change in our cities and in Canada as a whole. The vision is LARGE. It goes further than just you and I. It involves being a part of change in our entire nation. It remembers the north: Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon. It remembers small rural communities. It connects the west and east coast and unites us across the board.

Each of us holds a piece of the puzzle to solutions. Imagine when those puzzle pieces come together? What you do is significant. Each person who is overcoming mental health issues presently reminds us that we must lean in as a community. Every person who has come through mental health crisis has a story that reminds people that HOPE is always an option. Every story matters. Every voice counts.

National Hope Presentations

We are about powerful presentations bringing HOPE as a PLAN regarding mental health issues.

Our talks stand out because we get to what’s underneath the reasons for the mental health crisis we are in and bring real solutions. Through storytelling and raw vulnerability, our talks engage audiences and bring hope that we can see change.

We do presentations for

  • School assemblies
  • Mental health conferences and events
  • Workplace wellness
  • Community initiatives

It’s more than just a presentation… it’s HOPE.


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